Revised Suicide Prevention Guidelines Encourage School/Community Partnerships

The Virginia Departments of Education (VDOE) and Health (VDH) often work together to support student emotional wellness. One of their most recent efforts was updating suicide prevention guidelines in schools across the Commonwealth.  The revised Suicide Prevention Guidelines for Virginia Public Schools were adopted by the Board of Education in June 2020. They are intended Read More

Marcus Alert System Moves to 988 Number for Mental Health Crises

Despite increased training around how to navigate a mental health crisis, law enforcement is often unequipped to handle such interactions appropriately, which can have tragic consequences.  In Virginia, a Marcus Alert system was implemented in 2018. It’s a statewide behavioral health framework designed with protocols that emergency responders use to respond to individuals experiencing a Read More

PRS CrisisLink Sees Uptick In Families Under Stress (Part two)

Who should contact PRS CrisisLink for help:  Anyone who feels sad, hopeless, or suicidal Anyone concerned about a loved one who may be experiencing these feelings Anyone who needs emotional support Anyone who needs information about other community services The PRS CrisisLink chatline offers crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and support to individuals by providing problem-solving Read More

As Suicide Rates Rise, Schools Play A More Active Role in Prevention

Schools can play a key role in suicide prevention. In fact, they are called upon to do so.  When school personnel, families, and communities take an active role in suicide prevention, lives can be saved. The Suicide Prevention Guidelines for Virginia Public Schools, adopted by the Board of Education in June, 2020, provide information to assist Read More

“Seize the Awkward” Campaign Seeks To Remove Stigma of Talking about Suicide

Suicide is a tragic act that can often be difficult to discuss. But in recent years, conversations around mental health and wellness have increased our collective capacity to raise awareness around the historically stigmatized subject of suicide.  In a continued effort to address suicide in the Commonwealth of Virginia, many agencies are partnering to raise Read More

VISR Program Screens Military For Crisis/Suicide Preventio

The State of Virginia has a sizeable military and veteran population, with more than 720,000 veterans, over 155,000 Service Members (including Active duty, National Guard and Reservists), and 54,000 military spouses.  This population has certain unique challenges — challenges that the Virginia Veteran and Family Support (VVFS) is available to address.  One of these challenges Read More