Access to Care Often Hampered By Undiagnosed Brain Injuries

Whether it’s a survivor of intimate partner violence, a student suddenly and uncharacteristically acting out in class, or a person experiencing homelessness, the likelihood that they have suffered at least one serious brain injury is extremely high.  Unfortunately, it’s just as likely that they haven’t been screened for it. The Brain Injury Association of Virginia Read More

Virginia Concussion Initiative Works Alongside Schools to Develop Protocols Guidelines (Part Two)

One of the key reasons for the Virginia Concussion Initiative was the realization that the one- size-fits-all approach from some of the national and even international messaging sources don’t always consider local resources and the ability of local communities and medical providers to have the ability to quickly implement best practices in their particular community. Read More

Virginia’s Concussion Initiative Strives to Standardize Student Care

To assist school districts in developing concussion protocols that work best for their districts and provide a quality standardized level of student care, the Virginia Concussion Initiative (VCI) was formed. The initiative’s overarching goal is to support Virginia’s school divisions, helping them develop and implement more effective policies that help not only the students, but Read More